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This Warm Gesture Of Prabhas Again Proves He Is A Darling To His Fans


Prabhas is one star in the present generation of stars who never backs off from engaging with his fans. So, what happened here was two great fans of Prabhas engaged in small misunderstanding tiff with each other. One of them took a satirical stance with Shobu, who also took it sportively.

The fans – Peace!!

..To which Shobu acknowledged 

..And then the request from the fan just for an autograph

After they cooled down over the argument, a fan requested Shobu Yarlagadda for an autograph from his ‘Darling’ Prabhas. It took about two weeks, but Shobu kept this in mind and ensured that Prabhas’s gesture reached his ardent fan. And without doubt the fan’s happiness was unstoppable seeing his idol writing back to him. That was a warm gesture by Prabhas. Now, isn’t that sweet from the darling himself and ofcourse Shobu for coordinating this to happen.

This is not the first time Prabhas is doing this, he once sent his wishes upon a fan’s request in Taiwan too.

Darling ani enduku antaru mari!!! Darling Prabhas akkada!!

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