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Prabhas Dialogues : 8 Prabhas Famous Dialogues In Pure-Translated English


Prati actor vaalla style lo konni dialogues untay. It is the funniest when these dialogues are translated in to English in pure sense. They might sound lame, but it is just intended for fun! 😛

Here are 8 Prabhas Dialogues

  • Vadu pothe vidu, vidu pothe nenu, nenu pothe na amma mogudantu evaraina adhikaram kosam yegabadithee……2-vadu-potheThat fellow goes this fellow, this fellow goes me, me goes my mummy’s husband like anyone come for power shouting…….
  • Silent ku Violent ku Madhya bullet untadi, nenu bullet ni kadu missile ni.Silence and violence middle one bullet, but I am not bullet, I am rocket!
  • Ottesi oka maata veyakunda oka maata cheppanammaWith promise one word, without promise one word, I won’t tell mother!
  • Nuvvu na vooru raavalante sketch vesi ravali… Adhe nenu ni vooru raavalante hanger ki unna shirt veskunte chalu raYou come my village, you should draw sketch.. I want to come to your village I should wear shirt on hanger..enough!
  • Veelaithe preminchandi..poyeddemundu, maha aithe tirigi premistharuIf possible love, what will go…if big they will love round!
  • Cut out chusi konni konni nammeyyali dudeSee cutout and believe few, dude!
  • Naatho Vachchedhevaru Naatho chachchedhevaruCome with me who. Die with me who?
  • Tipper lorry velli scooter ni guddesthe ela untado telsa? Ala untadi nen gudditheTipper lorry dash scooter you know how it will be? I punch like that it will be.

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