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Know How Prabhas Irked Rana Along With Rajamouli With Wittiest Of Answers At KWK Show


Koffee With Karan undoubtedly one of the best talk and entertaining buzz show that we all want to watch and binged for every weekend for our fav celebrities right. Kani eppudu ee bollywood celebrities chusina mana south people ki oka guilty pleasure why don’t our southern stars in this talk show ani kada.

Anduke ee season lo ‘KWK’ lo mana Indian cinema ni world ki introduce chesina most eligible gentleman TRIO ni ee talk show dwara, vari personal thoughts and things ni national channel and show dwara Baahubali indian fans andariki visual treat icchina Karan Johar’ ki oka pedda ooooo eskondi.

Oooooo eskunnara aithe ippudu ee talk show lo mana ‘TRIO’ PRABHAS, RANA, and none other then pride director of Indian Cinema our jakkanna AKA mana ‘Rajamouli’ garu ee show lo matladina some interesting & never knew things konni.

1. First question of this talk show is quite natural and we heard it so many times.

Conversation starting lo ‘Karan’ adigina question enti ante Baahubali lanti cinema ea hero aina accept cheyadaniki alochistaru bcoz time matters for everyone 5 Years is big thing.

Ans Diniki ‘Rana’ icchina answer is quite convincing and everyone should accept.

Rana We were on set to do that just happened before. Yes, one should accept this one kada. Entha nammakam and commitment unte ala oppukuntaru.

2. Where were you people when it’s a first day of the movie And what you expected and what you got

Ippati varaku mana andariki teliyani vishayam, FDFS roju Prabhas Delhi lo unnadu Rana & Rajamouli is at different places. And Prabhas tana friends ni movie blockbuster aithe ne lepamani cheppadu anta.

North region lo vachina +ve response mana telugu states nundi raledu anta. Yes, b’coz telugu ppl expectations are beyond untayi anduke BB lanti movie ni Indian cinema ki gift iccharu.

3. Why Katappa Killed Baahubali #WKKB situation is intentional

After BB1, ee question entire nation lo common man nundi celebrities varaku oka sensation and mysterious question in terms of memes in social media.

Ans Jakkanna said no not at all, assala intentional kadu and got hype from audience point of view never expected one.

4. When it’s all about Rana and his Playboy things. What made interesting is

Ans Rana playboy things lo telsindi enti ante Along with Rana, Charan and Bunny are Rowdies anta quite interesting one kada.

5. Anthe 2:30 AM time ki Prabhas farmhouse lo volleyball aadatadu anta and next

Huge NV food recipes anta !!! And vati madhyalo karam podi lekapothe Prabhas serious ayyadu anta. Janalaki food petti champesthadu mana Darling.

Abba, em gesture ra babu andam lone kadu, manasu lonu akali vishayam lo people ni treat cheyadam lo Prabhas taruvathe evaraina.

6. And here comes the question that we all wanted to hear answer from Darling on couch. Idi kada maku kavalasindi

Karan You’re dating Anushka Question that millions of Pranuskhans are waiting for

And the answer from our Darling is she is just my friend.……. meanwhile ‘Pranushkans’ were like Oh No.

7. It’s now Rana turn Why you are still single and remained as a single as rest of others are mingle

Karan want to make show a gossip one it seems

Trisha tho work out kaleda ani kuda adigesadu mana Karan !! ??

Rana Trisha is friend for a decade, but things didn’t workout.

Ayoo ….. Ayyyooo….Ayayyyyooo ! Rana be like.

8. Karan movie nacchakunna aa movie kosam +ve ga tweet chesara

Rajamouli Yes I’am.

Ea film ayyi untadi abba

9. Karan South films lo bollywood films kante ekkuva substance untadi ani nammuthara.

Rajamouli Without any hesitation, Rajamouli garu yes ani cheppesaru.

10. Karan Are you scared of your wife

Rajamouli Entha ‘Baahubali’ director aina wife ki bayapadalsinde. Yes, he said yes.

11. Karan Friends with benefits (if you say no i’ll slap you over to Rana)

Rana Yes !

Prabhas No

12. Karan ee show lo ee couch mida ediana abbadam cheppara

Prabhas Yes ! ippudu aa lie em ayyi untadi abba ani detect chese panilo padandi inka.

Rapidfire ……..!

13. Hottest actress from current generation

Rana Deepika Padukone

14. Karan Food or Sex which one you give up

Prabhas Sex.

15. Couple that defines relationship goals

Rana Mahesh and Namrata.

16. If you have to setup Rana with someone in the industry.

Prabhas Trisha (Rana is like what’s going man )

17. Four actors you have to rank according to screen presence.

Prabhas Tarak, Mahesh, Bunny, Charan.

18. Film that blew your mind in recent times.

Rajamouli Mahanati.

19. Rajini sir or Kamal sir whom you want to direct.

Rajamouli Rajini sir ( chala idi chale… mamulga undadu combo set )

20. Baahubali 1 or 2 which is your fav

Rajamouli tough one antu Baahubali 1 ani chepparu.

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