Besides Saaho Here Are The Other Best Posters Of Prabhas’ Films

Saaho undoubtedly the next big thing in tollywood after Baahubali. Whopping 350+ crores budget tho August 15 th 2019 release ki ready avtundi ee racy action flick. Movie start aiyyi almost 2 years avtundi kani ippativaraku oka first look and a taruvatha making teaser thappa peddaga updates em raledu.

Kani all of sudden Prabhas ninna fans ki surprise antu official announcement ichadu. Cut chesthe ee roju Saaho poster tho patu official release date kuda tana instagram lo post pettadu. Now darling fans were going crazy and gaga over this poster. Ika date kuda announce cheyadam fans pandaga chesukuntaru, ide happy mood lo mana darling old movies lo the best posters ni once rewind chesukundam padandi.

  • Eeshwar

Prabhas Eeshwar Movie Poster

  • Raghavendra

rabhas Raghavendra Movie Poster

  • Varsham

Prabhas Varsham Movie Poster

  • Adavi Ramudu

Prabhas Adavi Ramudu Movie Posters

  • Chakram

Prabhas Chakram Movie Posters

  • Chhatrapati

Prabhas Chhatrapathi Movie Posters

  • Pournami

Prabhas Pournami Movie Posters

  • Yogi

Prabhas Yogi Movie Posters

9. Munna

Prabhas Munna Movie Posters

  • Bujjigadu

Prabhas Bujjigadu Movie Posters

  • Billa

Prabhas Billa Movie Posters

  • Ek Niranjan

Prabhas Ek Niranjan Movie Posters

  • Darling

Prabhas Darling Movie Posters

  • Rebel

Prabhas Rebel Movie Posters

  • Mirchi

Prabhas Mirchi Movie Posters

  • Baahubali: The Beginning

Prabhas Baahubali 1 Movie Posters

  • Baahubali: The Conclusion

Prabhas Baahubali 2 Movie Posters

  • Saaho

Prabhas Saaho Movie Posters

  • Saaho

Prabhas Saaho Movie Posters

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