7 things in prabhas that helped him in being what he is today!


Uppalapati Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju..! Konchem podugu gaa ainda peru..! Aayana height ki match avtundi lendi parledu…So intaki evari gurinchi cheptunano you should have understood… Yes mana very own Darling, Prabhas..! Prabhas gaaru ivvala okka international star…Okka gentleman… But there are somethings that he has/is within that makes him what he is today.. Let’s have a look on them…

1.Exotic looks1.Exotic-looksPrabhas undoubtedly has charming looks and royalty in him.. Aayana walking style lo okka pride okka style untundi….Anduke emo aayanaki abbailalo kante ammailalo craze ekkuva….

2. Director’s actor2.-Director’s-actorPrabhas has always been director’s actor.. Bahubali kosam aayana 5 years dedicate chesaru anna point ee deeniki proof… okka actor okka director ni nammi 5 years complete gaa inkoti edi sign cheyaledu…It was definitely a tough call for him.. But he did that for his director..

3.Dedication3.DedicationBeing a director’s actor doesn’t only involve listening to director but also to change himself according to the character is important.. Prabhas clearly does that.. Aayana bahubali appudu sword fighting, horse riding ila anni nerchukunaru.. Aayana migita characters ki kuda chaala changes chesaru to justify them..

4.Involvement into acting4.Involvement-into-actingPrabhas when gets into a character, he makes us believe that may be okkavela aa character alive undunte niijam ayyunte, ilage undedemo ani… Anta laa involve ayyi manam involve ayyela chestaru…

5.Caring and friendly5.Caring-and-friendlyPrabhas is a very friendly and jovial person when it comes to real life.. Aayana chuttu unna janalu eppudu navvutane untaru… He is very caring about people in his life too..

6.Simplicity6.SimplicityPrabhas gaaru eppudu aarbhatalaki poru… For him simplicity is everything… Public appearances lo aayana ekkada hype avvatam kaani emi undadu.. And aayanaki asalu haters ee leru ante daaniki karanam kuda aa simplicity ee…

7. Madam Tussauds Achievement7-Madam-Tussaud-PrabhaNot everybody gets an opportunity of getting selected for Madam Tussauds….Prabhas is one among them… According to a report more than 350 photographs and body measurements were taken to ensure getting a perfect statue.. Once the statue was unfold he again gave a proof of his simplicity stating that he could receive this achievement only because of his fans and thanked his then director S.S.Rajamouli garu stating him as his guru….

Matladukuntunna koddi inka chaala vastai..This list can never end.. But I felt these were some of the things that made him our “DARLING”…! Anymore let know in comment section 🙂