Prabhu Deva Unveils A 10 Foot Michael Jackson Statue


The Vels University sponsored a Michael Jackson fan’s idea to come up with a 10-foot statue in Chennai. The statue that weighs 3.5 tonnes was carved by 6 sculptors from a single piece of black granite.

Prabhu Deva, India’s ‘King of Dance’ who is known as the Indian Michael Jackson unveiled this statue in Chennai. Chandrashekaran, who is a die hard fan of MJ took up this initiative and wanted to donate this to the King of Pop’s house in Neverland Ranch, but had been unable to do so reported BBC.

Mr Chandrashekaran told the media that the sculptors repeatedly watched Jackson’s Beat It music video to get his posture correct, and studied “thousands” of photographs to get his features correct. The statue took 45 days to be completed.

Here check them out!


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