Prabhu Ganesan Gaaru, Happy birthday to you!


Prabhu Ganesan is a Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Kannada Actor, Film Producer and a Businessman. He is the son of veteran actor Sivaji Ganesan, while his son Vikram Prabhu is also a Tamil actor. Despite his age, he gives performances which blow off your minds. He made his debut with a Tamil movie, Sangili in the year 1982. Here is the list of Telugu films where he played simple roles with lots of emotion carried throughout.

1. Darling1-darling
2. Orange2-orange
3. Shakthi3-shakti-movie
4. Bejawada4-bejawada
5. Daruvu5-daruvu
6. Tuneega Tuneega6-tuneega-tuneega
7. Dhenikaina Ready7-denikaina-ready
8. Ongole Gitta8-ongole-gitta
9. Uu kodatara Ullikki Padathara9-uu-kodatara-ullikki-padathara
We want you to do more films in telugu and wish you a fabulous day and a happy future, sir!