Prathyusha Support – Samantha’s Heartwarming Initiative That Is Making Lives Happier!


When you have earned the needed fame and when your name is being surfed everywhere across the internet to see you and things happening around, you get a high that is probably beyond description. But, to show the stronger or rather better side of your personality, the challenge comes post all the fame and fandom you receive immensely from everywhere.

You either get carried away or you hold on to it composed. You either use it for your selfish deeds or you wield them into instruments for the betterment of society. Everyone has their choices. It is these choices you make that will define you and make your personality.

With its sole mission to provide medical care and support to the under privileged women and children suffering from life threatening diseases, Prathyusha Support is an initiative started by Samantha – A beauty who has already proved her substance on screen with her charm and elan.


How the initiative of ‘Prathyusha Support’ started?

You remember those times in 2013 when Samantha was all down due to illness and had many films stalled. It was during that time when Samantha went through a moment of realization which is now giving light to many lives in reality. A small noble thought to do something for those in society who cannot afford to fight serious life threatening diseases has brought smiles onto many faces.

Pratyusha Support helps Dilsukhnagar bomb blast victim, Rajitha who lost her leg in the attack
A victim of the Dilshuknagar bomb blast, Rajitha who lost her leg in the attack was aided by Prathyusha Support.

What do they do?

Apart from helping the under privileged with the needed medical support, it also organises blood donation camps and awareness campaigns. And more importantly a feature which is truly heart warming is the initiative of ‘wish come true’.

Like they say ‘we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give’ this is a very special initiative taken up by Prathyusha Support where it fulfills the wish of those children suffering from life threatening diseases. Whatever is possible in their reach, Prathyusha Support gives it in to help those children making their last few days the most memorable.

Their wish was to see the Taj Mahal.

You don’t need awards to certify your work, but just for the records it received the Nari Niyogin Award, 2015 for the Best NGO.


When you see such sweet things happening in the same society that you too live in, how can you go without appreciating their efforts in making a difference?

We feel proud for giving a hope to the society with your noble deeds, Samantha. We would stand by your support and you are definitely making a difference in many people’s lives.

If you are impressed with their work, here is the link you can reach out to them and appreciate or take forward any initiatives you feel are worthy for the betterment of their mission : Prathyusha Support