Priyanka Chopra’s The Jungle Book Voice Over Makes It Epic Than Ever..!!

At this point of time, we will firmly nod our heads in agreement, if someone says that Priyanka’s Chopra discovered the wormhole and life beyond it. The woman can do anything and everything, and do so with so much elan, that it becomes super initimidating at times. Issue at hand – Her voice over for the trailer of Disney’s The Jungle Book ( releasing this summer in India ). The dubbed version of the movie has Bollywood bigwigs as it’s highly enchanting cast which includes Irfan, Om Puri, Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar, Shefali Shah And Others.

Today we got a glimpse at what Miss Chopra is upto in this movie. She plays ‘Kaa’ the highly sensuous snake in this trailer. And with the whole voice over she grips our attention ( if we weren’t already hooked ). She tweeted referring to the same..

Watch The Trailer here :

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