12 Products That Are More Popular In India But Are Banned In Other Countries – Read On To Know

Manam daily use chese products chala varaku vere countries lo banned kani mana country lo matram no ban nothing as usual ga daily use chestu pothunnam. Inthaki vere countries lo ban chesina products yevi enduku chesaru kani ikkada matram inka ban kakunda manam daily use chese products yevo chuddam padandi…

1) Lifebuoy Soap – Banned for being bad for the skin

1 Lifebuoy

2) Red Bull – Banned for causing heart problems

2 Red Bull

3) Nimulid Tablet – Banned for causing liver problems

3 Nimulid Tablet

4) Dcold Total – Banned for causing kidney problems

4 Dcold

5) Maruthi Suzuki 800 – Banned for not passing safety guidelines,considered risk life-threatening

5 Maruthi 800

6) Tato Nano – Banned for failing crash test

6 Nano

7) Kinder Surprise – Banned for having a choking hazard

7 Kinder

8) Samosa – Banned in Somalia by terror group.

8 Samosa

9) Jelly Sweets – Banned for having a choking hazard

9 Jelly

10) Unpasteruized Milk – Banned for containing germs

10 Un Pastorized

11) More Than 60 Pesticides – Banned for causing health problems

11 Morethan

12) Disprin – Banned for not passing global standards

12 Dispirin


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