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Puri Jagannadh tries movies to be awesome in the best ways possible


1. Badri1-badriPawan kalyan style ki oka trademark movie idi. With a different story at the time, great actors, amazing music, wonderful screenplay, this film has ruled the era for the right reasons.

2. Amma Nanna O Tamila AmmayiKick boxing ki craze techina movie idi. Locations, direction, music and mother sentiment anni were shown in the best way possible. Enni years aina kuda ee movie ki unde ishtam taggadu!

3. SivamaniLove story that is yet again breaking stereo types in its own way! Oka bottle lo love letter evarko dorkuthe that lady strives to bring the two lovers back together. Story tho paatu background scroe, the character streaks of both the leads, locations, music and everything else about the movie is so nice.

4. PokiriPandu gaadu and Puri gaadu..whatte combination asalu! Fans ee movie first day first show kosam baaga try chesi untaru. The combination is itself a awe! Undercover cop ki oka different definition try chesi actors ni the most different forms lo chupinchadam is possible with that one man! Dialogues and direction played a major role in the success of this film.

5. BujjigaaguLove stories lo idi inko variety but totally cute. It’s a childhood fascination and love story together that made the story line beautiful. Kids ga unapudu oka silly reason tho vidipoyina best friends cannot take a chance to forget each other and keep hunting and trying to find the other person and finally get together in the most funny yet beautiful way.

6. NenintheMovie field lo ravali ani anukune vaallu ee movie ki and andulo una emotion ki baaga connect ayyi untaru. How difficult is it to get into films, direct a movie, write a script and fight for the dream, and be in love with films even if it is a flop. All these elements were shown so close to reality! A much needed concept idi, sir!

7. BusinessmanThis was a two-man show! Mahesh babu and Puri Jagannadh stole everyone’s hearts with this very terrific movie and story line. Dialogues are definitely on everyone’s tip of tongues. A bow to you for this film, Puri Sir!

8. Devudu Chesina ManushuluIdi just Kirraakk!! Arati tokka tho intha pedda movie teeyochu ani prove chesaru asalu. Some might not have got connected to the story but whoever did found it so crazy!

9. Cameraman Ganga tho RambabuMedia chetilo entha power untadi and aa power tho how much good and how much bad cheyyochu ani oka best movie idi. Tamannah was shown in a very different role and so was Pawan Kalyan

10. Heart AttackOne vagabond or a hippy kinda person gets attracted to a girl and finally finds himself in love with the girl and travels all way to Goa to find and get her! A love story that is so wild and cute! Love stories lo stereotypes break cheyyadam lo Gold Medalist Puri Jagannadh.

11. TemperThis movie relates to a two social problems and a constitutional problem. With a very spectacular role given to the leads and they have given full justice to the character and the story. Apart from mentioning the problem, they also have showcased how difficult it is to survive in a society like that.

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