We Know 99% Will Fail To Answer These Puzzles On Things We Use In Our Daily Lives

Bored with regular click bait articles ? ok today we are going to give you some brain teasing puzzle to you all. So matter antante venu some shuffle chesina words isthanu…vatini meeru correct ga oka arrange lo pedithe manam daily use chese thing okati vastundi.

So, chala simple game brain ki konchem pani pedithe chalu anni answers chepeyocchu here we go…..!

1. Grechar

1 Words Puzzle Images2. Ptolpa

2 Words Puzzle Images3. Blemoi

3 Words Puzzle Images4. Elievtnios

4 Words Puzzle Images5. Bpwerknoa

5 Words Puzzle Images6. Taple

6 Words Puzzle Images7. Poothsteta

7 Words Puzzle Images8. Tremo

8 Words Puzzle Images9. Lettbo

9 Words Puzzle Images10. Hpdenaoesh

10 Words Puzzle Images11. Ferpmue

11 Words Puzzle Images12. Xonuhnlcb

12 Words Puzzle Images13. Tleb

13 Words Puzzle Images14. Willpo

14 Words Puzzle Images15. Salgs

15 Words Puzzle Images16. Mocb

16 Words Puzzle Images17. Mmtierr

17 Words Puzzle Images18. Erpap

18 Words Puzzle Images19. Ykboreda

19 Words Puzzle Images20. Pnoso

20 Words Puzzle ImagesAnswers:

1. Laptop

2. Charger

3. Mobile

4. Television

5. Powerbank

6. Plate

7. Toothpaste

8. Remote

9. Bottle

10. Headphones

11. Perfume

12. Lunch Box

13. Belt

14. Pillow

15. Glass

16. Comb

17. Trimmer

18. Paper

19. Key Board

20. Spoon

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