PV Sindhu To Nikhat Zareen: 11 Telugu Players Who Are Likely To Excel In Commonwealth Games 2022

Commonwealth Games – one of the most popular & prestigious sports events in the world. 72 Countries and 6500 athletes participate chestunna ee mega event 1930 nundi held chestunnaru. And Covid-19 valla some delay aina Commonwealth games ee July 28th nundi August 8th varaku ante 12 days jaragabotunnayi. Friendly competition ga start aina ee commonwealth games oka competitive sport event ga aipoindi.

And 72 countries’ nundi  number of players, ee mega event is all set to begin. And ee year commonwealth games lo for the first time cricket ni introduce chestunnaru. Aithe only women cricket untundi men’s cricket next time nundi untundi anta. Mana India nundi different events lo 50+ medals osthayi ani expectations unnayi.

And ee mega country lo unna Indian players lo 11 Telugu Players unnaru. Pv Sindhu lanti ace shutler nundi Cricket team lo one of the player aina Sabbineni Meghana varaku unna 11 Telugu talents evaro once chusthe.

1. Kidambi Srikanth – Badminton

Ex World No.1 champion and ace badminton player Kidambi Srikanth last time silver gelichadu and this time he’s aiming for gold.

2. Nikhat Zareen – Boxing

Recent ga World Boxing Championship gelichina ee women boxer is all set to win gold for India in this mega sport event.

3. B Sumeeth Reddy – Badminton

Srikant, Sindhu la taruvatha Badminton event lo medal ostundi ane hope undi from B Sumeeth Reddy.

4. Gayatri Gopichand (Daughter Of Pullela Gopichand) – Badminton

Ashwini Ponappa and Sikki Reddy tho Badminton doubles lo debut chestundi Gayatri Gopichand, Daughter Of Pullela Gopichand. Win aithe like father…like daughter ani headlines guarantee.

5. Satwik Sairaj – Badminton

Recent ga Chiragshetty tho kalisi India ki first Thomas Cup tecchina ee ace shuttler from Amalapuram…commonwealth lo kuda medal guarantee antunnadu.

6. Mohammed Husamuddin – Boxing

57 KGs boxing event lo participate chestunna 28 years young boxer Mohammed Husamuddin from Telangana. Let’s hope he wins a medal in boxing for India.

7. Jyothi Yarraji – Athletics Hurdler

Jyothi Yarraji is a contemporary athlete who won fastest women’s 100m hurdler in India is from mana Visakhapatnam. She’s a medium pace bowler and opening batsmen in the team.

8. Sabbineni Meghana – Cricketer

For the first time Commonwealth games lo cricket ni introduce chestunnaru. Indian Cricket Team lo oka player ga mana Telugu cricketer Sabbineni Meghana select aindi team win aithe oka medal guarantee eh.

9. Rajini Ethimarpu – Hockey

Commonwealth games lo adutunna Indian Hockey team lo Rajini Ethimarpu mana Telugu player okaru. Rajini Ethimarpu goalkeeper position and recent ga switzerland lo jarigina FIH tournament lo chala goals defend chesin major role play chesindi.

10. Akula Sreeja – Table Tennis

India ki Table Tennis lo medal testhanu antundi National champion Sreeja, she’s playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the tournament.

11. PV Sindhu – Badminton

Last but not the least, World Champion, Olympic medal winner PV Sindhu is aiming for Gold in commonwealth games 2022.

Let’s wish & hope our Telugu Players and all other Indian Players win medals in commonwealth games 2022.

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