Quick And Easy Dishes You Can Make In Hostel

Hostel food sometimes can be very disheartening and you can be very reluctant to eat it, Cooking on your own can be very tricky, especially if you are someone who does not enjoy cooking, this gives you a great excuse to skip cooking, most people believe that cooking takes a lot of time and you must be in the kitchen for hours if you want to cook food, this is not the case though, there are a number of dishes which require almost no time to cook and you can easily prepare when you are in hostel premises. So, let us take a look at some of the quick and easy dishes which you can make in your hostel:-

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled EggsOne of the simplest and tastiest dishes on the list, you can make scrambled eggs in almost no time, just whisk the eggs finely and pour them into the pan and cook till the eggs set, add little spices accordingly and you are set to go, you can also add a number of things to the dish like cheese, vegetables, etc that will enhance your dish.

French Toast

French ToastFrench toast sounds fancy, but it is actually quite easy to make, All you need to do is prepare a mixture of milk, spices, and eggs. Then dip the bread in the mixture. Soak up the slices and cook them in the pan. The slices should be cooked till they turn golden-brown and you are all set to go.


UpmaUpma is healthy and is great to eat in the morning, and it’s very easy to make these days due to the ready to cook mixes available for preparing upma, it is very easy to make it with water and a pan. You can add chilies to make it spicier and veggies to make it taste better.

Veg Maggie

Veg MaggieYou knew this would be on the list, Maggie is like the official food for the people who are living in hostels, It is a perfect snack that can be made within 5 minutes. You can add vegetables like carrots, capsicums, peas, to it to make it healthy and tasty.


PohaA famous north Indian dish, which is simple to make, and just by adding few spices and veggies to the puffed rice and mixing them together in a pan, you can enjoy this awesome tasting dish. Squeeze some lemon and add it to bring out the zingy flavor of the dish.

Cheese Sandwich

Cheese SandwichA cheese sandwich is a tasty and easy to make a dish which can be made with the help toaster or a pan. Just butter up the slices of the bread and add slices of cheese and grill it and you are ready with your dish.

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