Quick Thinking By A Driver-Conductor Duo Save Life In Chennai..!!


A stitch in time saves nine. In Chennai it is the presence of mind of a driver-conductor duo that saved the life of a pregnant woman who was about to deliver. State transport employees are often the subject for mockery and ridicule for their ill-treatment of passengers and rude behavior. But not everyone is the same and some are real life heroes too.

It was just an ordinary day and a regular commute on the busy route between Tambaram to Kancheepuram, but a turn of incidents turned it into an extraordinary day and gave the passengers two new heroes to look up to. Located on the outskirts of Chennai Tambaram is usually the hub for people trying to enter or leave the city of Chennai. Hence, it is also a traffic prone zone. And a bus that was moving out of the city was sure to be stuck in the chaos.


While traffic jams was something that everyone did expect en-route this journey, the wailing of a pregnant lady was something they least expected. And that’s when the driver and conductor decided to take things upon them. While the driver sped the bus at a 90 kmph speed and halted the bus a few feet away from the actual bus bay to avoid new passengers from boarding the bus.

The conductor on the other hand, kept the passengers alerted on the approaching stops and to be ready to get off when the bus is halted for a few seconds. In the meantime he also ensured that an ambulance is ready by the time they reach the destination, i.e., Kancheepuram as there were no other specialty hospitals between Padappai village and Kancheepuram.

The bus reached the destination in 40 minutes as against the usual 80 minutes time and thus saved the life of the mother and the unborn. Kudos to the duo for proving yet again that there are many a hidden superstars in everyday life.

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