Take This Quiz On Rajinikanth And See How Much You Know About him


Rajinikanth is a personality about whom enough has been talked all across the nation. We might be just another channel if we went talking about him. Since you and we know heaps about this amazing personality, we thought of engaging you by evaluating how much of Rajinikanth do you know actually?

If you are going to spend some time here, why not add some fun element to it? 😉

Here you go!


Awesome Macha! Definitely you are a big FAN!!

Ayyoooo.. well tried macha!!

#1 What is the real name of Rajinikanth ?

#2 Which is Rajinikanth’s Favourite Language?

#3 Apart from Padma Vibhushan, which Padma award did Rajini Kanth achieve ?

#4 Super star Rajinikanth was born at?

#5 How many Filmfare awards did Rajinikanth win?

#6 In which syllabus a lesson on Rajinikanth ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’ features?

#7 What is Rajinikanth’s favourite colour ?

#8 Which of the Following is Rajinikanth’s 100th Film ?

#9 Which of the following is Rajinikanth’s Debut movie ?

#10 How old is our Superstar Rajinikanth ?


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