If You Think You Are A Fan Of NTR Jr., Then Prove It With This Quiz


This is not a challenge, but a fun activity for all the NTR Jr. fans out there. Let’s see how many of you actually know in and out about NTR Jr. and his movies. Go ahead and take this quiz!!


Fan ante nuvve Bhaiyaa! Rock on, Bro!!

Aiyoo.. Aiyoo.. aiyayoo..chill bhaiya!! Malli try cheddam le..

#1. Jr NTR is a trained _________ dancer.

#2. What was NTR Jr.’s age when he starred in ‘Bala Ramayanam’?

#3. Which of the below brands is NOT endorsed by Tarak?

#4. How Many movies did NTR Jr and Samantha feature in together so far?

#5. For which movie did NTR Jr. receive his first and only Nandi Award?

#6. With which of the below heroines Tarak did NOT work twice so far?

#7. With which of the below directors Tarak did NOT work two times so far?

#8. How much was NTR Jr. first remuneration for the movie ‘Ninnu Chudalani’?

#9. Which NTR Jr.’s movie was also the first Telugu movie to be dubbed and released in Japan?