Why Radhika Apte Is The Hottest Actress In Bollywood Today


Those hypnotizing eyes, those luscious locks and that stunningly, eye-grabbing smile. But it’s not just her good looks that’s got everyone going gaga. There’s just so much more to this beautiful lady.


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What’s more attractive than a girl who takes her career seriously? Apte hasn’t just joined the industry for fame. Acting means much more than plain romantic movies to her. And just like most of the girls out there, even she’s highly career oriented, and loves to work on her flaws to keep getting better. According to her, “Theatre gives you discipline. It helps you understand characters.???



Unlike other celebs, she isn’t in the industry to work for the big movies. Radhika Apte had once stated to the Dailymail.co.uk, that she cannot pick between theatrical form of acting and on-screen acting. For her, theatre stage has honed her, while the screen has given her fame. Though, she’d choose stage over screen, anytime. Also, she has acted in several short films during her acting career. She has always wanted to become an actress and would take up any opportunity to act.



And yet again, let it be short films or theatre stage, a Bollywood blockbuster or a Bengali serious drama, she can do it all! She loves playing different characters and is highly enthusiastic. “I want to do crossover as well as international films. I want to work in Bollywood films. I want to do it all,??? she says.  2015 is Apte’s most prolific year, with six films released in the first eight months. She’s up for any role, whether the character comes from a rural, poor, village background, or the role of a well-educated, elite and posh lady from the urban sector.



One of Radhika Apte’s best qualities is the way she stands up for her views, with lots of confidence. This confidence of hers is so WIRAL, that it’s contagious. For instance, take that one interview she had with the Indian Express newspaper, where she made sure the world heard how wrong it is to objectify women, “I just cannot stand that whole thing like shaking your body and running around and I hope I won’t be a part of such movies. The ‘hero’ can’t always be shown as great and perfect.??? Well said, Radhika Apte, we support you!


4If you’re looking for an actress who has beauty and brains, Radhika Apte is the one! This lady isn’t simply just a pretty face, she has greater, and more beautiful and fascinating depths to her that most of the public is unaware of. And how exactly do we know that she’s intelligent? Well, we are dealing with a lady who knows seven different languages: English, Hindi Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. And here we thought being bilingual was related to being smart, if it were so, what should we call this beautiful piece of art?

What Else Does It Take To Be The Queen Of Indian Cinema. Nothing else right? Here’s wishing her all the very best and hoping she xontinues to amaze us with her undeniable acting prowess.