Ragi Malt being given to Traffic Constables


Who are the most affected people in the scorching heat in Hyderabad city? No, not the team and fans of Bahubali, but the guys who have run around them to control the commotion. Yes, the policemen. Especially Traffic Police Personnel. It takes hell lot of patience and will power to control the mad drivers on Hyderabad roads in this heat. It’s like if these traffic police were in place of Mahatma Gandhi, India would have got independence at least 25 years earlier.Ragi Malt being given to Traffic Constables1

Thus watching their struggle, to protect the traffic constables from the heat wave, Joint Commissioner, Department of Traffic Police, along with Cyberabad Security Council have decided to distribute Summer Safety kits in which they would give buttermilk and ragi malt packets twice a day.Cyberabad DCP A.R. Srinivas Rao said, “I appreciate the efforts of all traffic personnel put by performing their duties in the summer season, so it is our responsibility to provide all the necessary facilities to the cops to keep them fit and safe in this summer season.”Ragi Malt being given to Traffic Constables2

Also soon they’re planning to provide traffic constables at signals with cooling jackets to protect them from severe heat wave. As a social responsibility, the department officials have asked people to carry a bottle of cool water when they go out, so that they can give it to any traffic constables performing their duties at the signals.