10 Songs from Rahman-Mani Ratnam movies that celebrate love


Mani Ratnam and A.R.Rahman are a magical combination. One makes movies that get drowned in love and the other gives music that celebrates the feelings and emotions. It has been a little more than 25 years and they have not missed out on a single movie to fill us with love and happiness. Here are few melodies from that enchanting combo.

1. Paruvam Vaanaga (Roja)


2. Vurike Chilaka (Bombay)

3. Shashivadhane (Iddaru)

4. Pachandanamey (Sakhi)

5. Hey priya (Yuva)

6. Sakuratri Kodi (Yuva)

7. Pacchani Thota (Kadali)

8. Mental Madhilo (Ok Bangaram)

9. Allei Allei (Cheliyaa)

10. Hamsaro (Cheliyaa)

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