9 Rahul Gandhi Statements Reimagined In Epic Hollywood Style..!!

By Sid , KSS and Vijay

Rahul Gandhi earlier this week gave out a prolific speech at Lok Sabha. It was filled with anecdotes and carefully placed sarcastic takes towards ruling party’s implemented agendas. And we were truly touched. However, somewhere through the half point mark of the speech, we realized that Mr. Gandhi sounded like someone who had designed the structure of his speech basing on iconic dialogues of movies. The crazy heads that we are, we started digging. Though we couldn’t find exact similarity, we still found it viable to put these statements in different movie posters. And then It All Made Sense..

RaGa – Mr. Modi, You look a bit defensive?
Modi – Well It’s been a long day of listening to  A-holes..!!


The Son Of Sonia Versus The Knight Of Gujarat : Dawn Of No Battle


You must be wondering why give a speech at all? Well that’s because my mom woke me up early..!!


I am the Supreme Commander Lieutenant General and Power of Attorney of UPA . Dare not talk to me like that. ( Rahul baba..!! There’s no position called power of attorney ) 


Listen, Why don’t you give me a call when you see through clearly. This is my number, 97**143***. That is my BSNL number. Give me night call ok? I have BSNL Amulya Friends and Family Plan. 


This Is Madness? But I’m not mad. My mother had me checked.


We is thinking of getting back our seat of power. We is taller, stronger, smarter. We is Complan Boy..!!


When you go deeper into the Intelligence level, there will be empty rooms filled with haystack and vaccum. Even the slightest disturbance in that, you will end up in Lok Sabha..!!


It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is what I want to say. And I’ve got something important to say.
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