Rajamouli and his very successful family!


Rajamouli’s family is a complete film and talent packed group. His family lo there are people into every field that is required by the film industry.

1. Vijeyandra Prasad (Father) – he is the writer of the most brilliant movies.1.-Vijeyandra-Prasad

2. Rama Rajamouli (Wife) – she is an award-winning costume designer for his movies.2.-Rama-Rajamouli

3. S.S.Karthikeya (Son) – Production Executive for Eega & Baahubali3-S.S.Karthikeya

4. M.M.Keeravani (Wife’s brother-in-law) – Music Director, Singer.4.-M.M.Keeravani

5. Gunnam Gangaraju (Wife’s cousin) – Producer, Writer, Director and Art Director.5.-Gunnam-Gangaraju

6. Kanchi Rajamouli (Brother) – Actor, but in a smaller scale.6.-Kanchi-Rajamouli

7. Chandrasekhar Yeleti(Relative) – Director7.-Chandrasekhar-Yeleti

8. Kalyani Malik a.k.a Kalyan Koduri (Cousin) – Music Director and singer.8-Kalyani-Malik-a.k.a-Kalyan-Koduri

The list is never done!