SSR, NTR & VD Lend Their Voice For #BannGayaPopat Campaign To Tackle Cybercrime In The City

Our Tollywood celebrities are always do their part and bit of help to aware common people against traffic rules and other things. City lo Jobs ippistamu antu velsina fraud job consultancies, bank and atm card transaction frauds, and other cyber crimes day by day increase avtune unnayi.


Cyber crime mida Hyderabad cops kondarini arrest chestuna roju ki oka kotha fraudsters pudutune unnaru. Ilanti variki police department varu eppatiki appudu check petadaniki try chestunna common people lo kuda some awareness create chesthe cyber crimes ki full stop petochu ani anukunaru Hyderabad Cyber Cell.


Ala mana Nationwide craze unna sensational director mana Rajamouli ni Young tiger NTR ni, and young hero Vijay Devarakonda tho oka awareness video chesi public platforms some long back release chesaru.

Still new cyber crimes and fraudsters are getting increased high by everyday. Now, city police come up with a new initiate to bring cyber crimes awareness among people especially youth in twin cities. So, their new initiate is all about #BanGayaPopat an audio campaign with voices of youth icons like Tarak and Vijay. So that youth lo ee audio campaigns viral avadam tho patu awareness ki help avtundi ani antunaru KCS Raghu Vir, additional DCP, Hyderabad Cyber Crime.

Young talent behind this catchy audio campaign:


Fraudster job offer ki tempt aina oka ammayi money transfer chestha ane voice tho start aiyye ee audio jingle Ban Gaya Popat ane catchy word ki jingle madhyalo Rajamouli, tarak and Vijay voice vastundi. Ee audio jingle ki youtube singer Ishaq vali padithe inko youtube talents Sriman Keerthi lyrics and Ashic Arun music icharu.

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