These 15 Roles Of ‘Haasya Kireeti’ Rajendra Prasad Are Priceless And Will Remain Memorable Forever


Rajendra Prasad is one actor who stands class apart from the rest of the lot in Telugu cinema. Known as the ‘Haasya Kireeti’ of Telugu cinema, he has given comic relief to Telugu audience with his movies from early 1990s and has always occupied that position where if one wants to relax for a while, they would pick to see a Rajendra Prasad movie. But, as his career progressed, he didn’t restrict himself to what he is best at, he went on to show his versatility essaying some of the best roles and even excelled in it.

Let’s take a look at some of those priceless and memorable roles he gave us all through his career…

Aha Na Pellanta


Ladies Tailor2Rajandra-Prasad

Appula Appa Rao3Rajandra-Prasad

Aa Okkati Addaku



Kobbari Bondam6Rajandra-Prasad

Mr. Pellam7Rajandra-Prasad

Rajendrudu Ghajendrudu8Rajandra-Prasad


Sandade Sandadi11Rajandra-Prasad

Aa Naluguru12Rajandra-Prasad

Quickgun Murugan13Rajandra-Prasad



Nannaku Prematho16Rajandra-Prasad