Rana Uppalapati An Incredible Indian, A Skater from Visakhapatnam Embarked On Journey Of Promoting Girl Child Education

Mana Bharath desam mana heritage and history walla vishwam lo ne entho prakhyathi chendina desham , we are known for our diverse culture and prosperity, manaki anni unai , lenidi antu edi ledu , mana desham oka ummadi kutumbam lantidi , ikda andaru kalisi melisi untam, alage we have a name which we are mostly called by the incredible india. Manalo manaki enni apardhalu, manaspardhalu unna we cherish every moment of our life every single day, guru meeru india lo brathakagaligite prapancham lo ekadiki vellina ranistaru adi matram guarantee, although inni goods cheputandu mana desham gurinchi bad em cheppatledu ani anukuntunara? Flaws evariki undav andi , imperfection has its own beauty, kani good undi ante bad kuda undali kda. Today lets talk about the other side of the coin. Recent ga we as a country are failing in few aspects, lets be honest manam mana desham lo adavalaki bhadrata ivvadam lo fail avtunam, manchi chaduvu ni ivaalekapotunam, adavalu ni bharam ga kuda chustunam , manam false media promotions valla tapudu na kodukulu ni policticians ga kuda enchukuntunam, mana responsibilities ni kuda vishmaristunam, preti intiki oka yedava untadu anatru chusara? Ala evaro chesina yedava panulaku mana andariki bad name vastondi. Ala ani we are not giving up right ? there are people who are trying there best to make our country a better place to live. One step at a time. (one skate at a time ) ala kontha mandi lo okaru RANA UPPALAPATI. Evaru e manishi emm chesadu ani anukuntunara ? aithe article chuseyandi mari…

Rana upplapati

Rana uppalapati is a 37 years young entrepreneur from Visakhapatnam (city of destiny), I have seen and observed him very closely, his zeal and motivation to fight for what’s right has made me write this article about him, Rana is a business associate of Titan Company in Visakhapatnam, he is well known for his social work across the nation rana ki chinnapati nundi skating ante chala istam. His way of living life is living dangerously, adventurously, but what if I tell you he does it not for the adrenaline rush adventure gives, he does it for a cause, naaku telisina varaku aina life di okate sidhantam , if you are not contributing to the wellness of others, if you are not motivating youngsters by standing as an example, if you are not living to tell a story of your journey, of your life, then why are you living?

Rana upplapati

He believes we should never give up on what we believe . ivvani aina toh mataladunapudu aina words lo epudo apudu ekado akda vintaru pakka. Evaru ela pote naaku enti ani bratukuna mana e generation lo aina matalu chala inspiring ga untai. Mana generation ki aithe vintha ga kuda anipinchachu. But ardham aithe meeru, aina la ne matladadam modalu pedtaru. Intha cheppunadu enti katha ankuntunara? Oka chinna example chepta aina gurinchi. He once met with a major accident, which broke his backbone. Doctors aithe pichha lite theeskondi ! you cannot do skating ani chetulu ettesaru. But his will power, with in a period of time he skated for 600km across the south India promoting BREAST CANCER, also people who don’t know this he is a pinkathon brand ambassador. Rana’s life has been a great motivation for many people like me who had the opportunity to see him close.

He has embarked on a journey of almost 6000km around the Indian Golden Quadrilateral, spanning over 90 Days. He is doing this along with Titan Company Limited to raise support to educate 25000 girl children. As part of the journey, his aim is to also sensitize the community on child safety by creating awareness on good and bad touch. He is being supported by the members of CII Young Indians, who will aim to organise 6000 sessions of Project Masoom during the course of his journey. Lets wish him good luck on his journey. He is a sole example of incredible india!!

I hope you all have learned something from him, please share and spread the word about his journey. Meeru kani by chance kani atanu me city ki vaste velli kalavandi. I am sure you won’t regret it.

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