Ranguladi Rangu Kite Patang Hyderabadi Patang Song


Sankranthi – if you are a Hyderabadi, then this festival is a festival of kites. Day in and day out we spend hours flying kites.

‘Arey naadhi naamam dhar patang ra.. nedhi dappan. Musukoni naadhi naku ichei… lekapothe G pagalgodatha..’

From a kid to his eldest brother who would probably an IT professional, when it comes to flying kites, we are all the same.

At last finding a song for this awesome fun-filled occasion is like finding an oasis in the desert. Roll Rida, city’s famous Telugu rapper has teamed up with Kamran and dished out a cool song ‘Patang’. With some desi hip-hop beats, the song gets you grooving from the initial beat itself. The ek dum hydrawaadi lyrics in this song gives you a proper flavour of the celebrations around Patangs (especially in Hyderabad).

Without wasting time, you’ve got to check this awesome colourful song. Kudos the chichas  who came up with the some awesome lyrics.

Here it is!!