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15 Rare Gallery Of India’s First Elections & Some Unknown Facts That Will Leave You Amazed


Ippudu elections ante youtube, facebook lo skip option lekunda vacche digital ads and TV’s lo vacche creative ads, digital election campaigns, promotions, vicchalavidiga dabbulu, liquor etc etc. Kani britishers rule nundi freedom vachina taruvatha India lo for the first time 1951 lo elections jarigayi.

Mari ee elections ela jarigayo okasari ee rare gallery chushe telustundi and danitho tho patu aa first time jarigina aa elections ki sambandinchina some interesting and unknown facts kuda teluskundam padandi.

1. Indian National Congress election campaign in 1951, with two bullocks as their party symbol and photo of Jawaharlal Nehru on it.

Rare Gallery Of India’s First Elections

2. Sukumar Sen first Election Commission Chief in 1951

3. Elections were held on the basis of universal adult suffrage and anyone over the age of 21 years could cast their vote.

Long queue of women voters are seen waiting for their turn to cast their votes.

4. In 1951 out of 36 crore population in India, about 17.32 crore were eligible to vote.

Election Officers on their duty in New Delhi

5. The 53 political parties contested for 489 seats. There were about 1874 candidates from various parties.

A set of specially designed, bullet-proof, tamper-proof, steel ballot boxes.

6. With 45% of votes Indian National Congress led By Jawahar Lal Nehru won elections and 364 seats.

7. CPI is the party which finished second with 16 seats as they got about 3.29 per cent votes and Socialist Party also won 12 seats with 10.59 per cent votes and winning.

8. Before the elections, a mock election was held in September 1951 since most people of the country were unfamiliar with the election process.

9. Socialist Party carrying a poster to appeal to voters to cast their vote in favour of their candidate.

10. A blind old man being carried towards a polling booth by his son, to help him to cast his vote, near a polling station in Jama Masjid area in Delhi.

11. An old man looks for the election symbol of a candidate of his choice.

12. Communist Party of India (CPI) at election campaign in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

13. Babu Rajendra Prasad signing as First President Of India after 1952 elections, who served naton from 1952 to 1962.

14. Electoral Officers applying indelible ink on voter’s forefinger before he is allowed to cast his vote.

15. Congress Party Candidate Banner requesting people to vote with a message on it.

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