Rasogolla Biryani – The Other Food Experiment That Went Viral

This quarantine has been home to several experiments when it came to food. We’ve tried fusion foods, tik tok coffees and bizarre food combinations like egg dipped in chai. Well, what can we say? The lockdown had to lead to something creative right?

While several of these experiments received much love from everyone, there have been some food combinations which just didn’t work. Fusion foods like Nutella and biryani or watermelon and ketchup didn’t go well with the netizens. They downright rejected it.

One such recent food experiment that shocked the internet is the Rasogolla Biryani. We love biryani and we also love Rasagolla, but have you ever tried them together? Ever so imagined eating them together?


We can perhaps call 2020 as the year of bizarre biryani experimenting. Dal biryani, Nutella biryani and what not. Lockdown has seriously ruined our favourite foods. And, now, Rosogolla biryani is trending all over the net, and we are very angry about it. A food blogger recently shared a biryani video and asked the audience to guess what went into her biryani-making. Before any of us could guess, the blogger revealed that it was biryani made with Rosogollas.

People went crazy angry about this and starting to really protest against this, asking the blogger to stop messing with biryani and also called it a crime.

What do you think about this? Let us know!

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