Ravi Shastri To Yuvi: List Of 10 Cricketers Who Hit 6 Sixes In An Over

2007, T20 World Cup, England tho India Match, Stuart Broad bowling Yuvi on strike …cut chesthe first balle eh Sixer, second ball kuda six and third ball kuda six eh. Assala em jarugutndhi ane confusion lo Stuart broad…chala pressure lo gap tisukuni 4th and 5th ball esthe avi kuda sixer. Ika last ball of the over idi padithe Yuvi oka new World Record ani andaru eager ga wait chestunnaru cut chesthe Ravi SHashtri intense commentary and Yuvi 6th sixer in over antha oka flash lo jarigipoindi. Every cricket fan witnessed a rare and historic moment on that day.

Ila cricket lo 6 sixers in over anedi idi first time kkadu anthaka mundu and aa taruvatha kuda 6 sixers kottina incidents unnayi. MAri evento aa batsmen evaro once chuseddam padandi.

Here’s A List Of 10 Cricketers Who Hit 6 Sixes In A Over

1. Sir Garfield Sobers on 31st August 1968

West Indies Legendary cricketer is first in cricket history to hit 6 sixes in an over. 1968 lo jarigina England county cricket lo Nottinghamshire team ki aadina Gary ee feat ni achieve chesaru.

2. Ravi Shastri On 19th January 1985

1985 lo jarigina Ranji Trophy lo Bombay team ki aadina Ravi Shastri Baroda team paina 6 balls lo 6 balls kottina first Indian and 2nd player ga record set chesaru.

3. Herschelle Gibbs in 2007

South African hitter Herschelle Gibbs, 2007 lo Netherlands team he went onto hit 6 sixes in 6 balls.
hanistan T20 Premier

4. Yuvraj Singh In 2007

Ika idi aithe we witnessed anukondi, 2007 T20 World Cup lo Engald team bowler Stuart broad bowling lo Yuvi 6 sixers kotti historic feat ni achieve chesadu.

5. Ross Whitley in 2017

2017 England COunty Cricket team Worcestershire Rapids ki aadina Ross Whitley ane player oke over lo 6 sixes kottadu.

6. Hazratullah Zazai

Afg League lo Hazratullah Zazai ane Afghan hitter oke over lo brutal hitting tho 6 sixers kottadu.

7. Leo Carter in 2020

In 2020, Canterbury Kings batsman Leo Carter made history by hitting 6 sixes in an over against Northern Knights of New Zealand County Cricket.

8. Kieron Pollard

2o21 lo West Indies allrounder Kieron Pollard Sri Lanka meedha 6 sixes kotti International cricket lo ee feat achieve chesina 3rd player ga nilichadu.

9. Thisara Perera

Sri Lanka loni Majors Club ane county cricket team ki aaduthu Thisara Perera ee rare cricket feat ni achieve chesadu.

10. Andrew Russell

Recent times lo West Indies Allrounder aina Andrew Russell, CWI West Indies Cricket Board introduce chesina 6 overs match 6T league lo oka over lo 6 sixes kottadu.

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