Ravi Teja gurinchi manam telusukovalsinavi!!


Mass Maharaja is his starname. Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupatiraju is his original name. Ravi Teja is his screen name. Ravi Teja movies ante chalu comedy, timing, dialogues, action and ilantivi chaala expect chestham. Late ga ochina latest ga raavali ana quotation ki justification is this hero! So ilanti hero gurinchi little information telsukundam.

1. Ravi Teja completed bachelors degree in arts at Siddhartha Degree College, Vijayawada.1raviteja

2. In the start of this career, ace filmmakers YVS Chowdary and Gunasekhar were his roommates in Chennai. Goppavallu kalise untaremo!2raviteja

3. He worked as an assistant director for some Telugu films and Bollywood serials.3raviteja

4. Ravi Teja has started his acting career with a small role in Karthavyam.4raviteja

5. Creative director Krishna Vamsi made a huge turning point to Ravi Teja. He worked as an assistant director for Krishna Vamsi’s Ninne Pelladutha.5raviteja

6. Ravi Teja was one of the assistant directors for Nagarjuna’s Criminal.6raviteja

7. Krishna Vamsi noticed that Ravi Teja had a talent to act and he did really well. So he offered Ravi Teja a role in the movie, Sindhuram.7raviteja

8. He received a Nandi award for his film Nee Kosam, which was directed by Srinu Vaitla in 1989.8raviteja

9. Ravi Teja’s association with Puri Jagannadh made him a star hero. They both teamed up for 5 times.9raviteja

10. Ravi Teja was listed in the Top Celebrities in Forbes in the year 2012.10raviteja

11. Ravi Teja played a small role in the movie “Chaitanya” which has Akkineni Nagarjuna in the lead.11raviteja