The Ever Charming Ravish Kumar Wins ‘Jounalist of the Year’!!


With his characteristic, “Namaskar! Main Ravish Kumar”, this Prime Time anchor has won millions of hearts across the country. His accolades and awards are many and fans huddle up for having a selfie with him whenever they catch a glimpse of him. Well deservedly, Ravish Kumar has received prestigious ‘Journalist of the Year’ award on Tuesday at Red Ink Awards in Mumbai. Known for his extensive field reporting of ground level issues, he has raised the bar so much that it generates passion and envy at the same time. In his award acceptance speech, Ravish Kumar is seen worried at the deprecating state of journalism day by day but remains hopeful in the journalism which, as he said, didn’t die even after that reporter, Jagendra Singh, who was allegedly burnt to death for his sand mining exposes.

His brilliant ‘Prime Time’ shows on various issues as well as his field reporting are testimonies to his awesome journalism. All his ‘Prime Time’ shows are preceded by his well researched lengthy analysis of the issues which lasts to several minutes. His seemingly full fledged analysis are as much breath taking as they are thought provoking. Remarkably, of late, he has started doing some of his shows without any experts, as per the need, giving an extensive commentary on the issue from all sides. His show on Chennai floods and another one, “yeh Andhera hi aaj ki tasvir hai” on deprecating state of journalism are remarkable in this category.
Besides his analysis and commentary, his style is also worth mentioning. When doing a field reporting, he fearlessly strolls through the crowd holding a mike and his gait ensues nothing short of confidence and courage. Moreover, humor and sarcasm never seem to be leaving his side which makes his journalism hugely palatable and appetizing.

Nevertheless, Ravish Kumar has its own share of criticisms and abuses. Some label him as anti-hindu, pro-Dalit and pro- Muslim. But criticism does not seem to be deterring him from what he does. Visibly irked by online abuses, he made his exit from Twitter and Face book yet he does his news shows and blogging undeterred and as usual.
In this nauseating din of TV media journalism, this prime time anchor makes sense when everybody is seen shouting over each other at the top of their lungs. Notably, he has changed the grammar of Hindi media journalism and generated envy from his English media counterparts.

We hail Ravish Kumar for the quality journalism he has been doing and wish him success all along!