Reasons and precautions of dengue fever


Dengue is rampant these days. News lo dini gurinchi chalane vini untam that many dengue cases are being reported and kontha mandi chanipoyaru kuda ani. So if you don’t know what it is and how to prevent it, here is basic info for you!
Denuge aa…peru vinnatunde! dengueIt is a disease caused by virus. In most of the cases it can be treated, but konni rare cases lo it can be fatal and can even cause death.

Ela vastundi Dengue?dengue‘Aedes’ ane mosquito valla dengue virus spread avtundi. It is recognized by white markings on its body, hence also called tiger mosquito. It usually bites during day. This mosquito flourishes mostly during rainy seasons, hence varsha kalam lo predominant ga dengue cases untai. The virus is not contagious i.e., it cannot spread directly from person to person. It is mosquito-borne, so there must be a person-to-mosquito-to-another person pathway. After being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus, the incubation period for dengue fever ranges from three to 15 (usually a week) days before the signs and symptoms of dengue appear in stages.

Symptoms enti?dengueLike any other viral disease, the symptoms are fever, headache, chills, body pains, eye ache, loss of appetite etc. A specific sign for dengue apart from already mentioned symptoms are itchy rashes( small reddish spots) over the body.
Treatment enti mari?dengueDengue symptoms evina kanipinchagane ventane doctor ni consult cheyandi. Two main complications are drop in platelet count and fall in BP. Complete rest and fluid intake (oral rehydration) are important. Pain relievers should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision because of the possibility of worsening bleeding complications. Papaya leaf extract anedi some cases lo effective treatment for dengue fever ani konni clinical studies lo prove indi. Don’t take self treatment, proceed only after consulting a medical practitioner.denguePrevention is always better than cure
1.Mi chuttu pakkala stagnant water undakunda chuskondi
2.Mosquito repellents and mosquito nets vadandi
3.Wear long pants and full sleeve shirt
4.Spread awareness about dengue