8 Newest Reasons For Bunking Work


All of the working class should be entitled for a day off per month where they are not asked any reason. After the rigorous five days at work, the weekend flies past so quickly. Come Monday and we are looking for innovative reasons to extend our weekend. The worst part is most of the reasons for bunking work have become outdated and have been used far too often for our bosses to believe in them anymore. We, at Wirally, have tried to think out of the box and bring to you eight new reasons you can use to bunk work:

Roommate issues:theroommate71Photo Credits: www.klownsasesinos.com

Since most of the youth stay and work away from home, they could use this excuse multiple times in a year. The roommate, imaginary or real, could come to your rescue. The roommates sickness, his or her parent’s untimely death or anything sad related to them could be your ticket to a day off from work.

Imaginary relatives death:Relatives of Hudson deathPhoto Credits: www.dailymail.co.uk

It is too brutal to kill someone you know is alive and kicking. So why not make up some imaginary relative and kill them for your benefit. It could hurt no one. The death of a mama, chacha or masi that does not exist could be your reason to skip work without any guilt.

Break-up:break upPhoto Credits: www.babble.com

Relationships have become a lot more easy to talk about in recent times. So why not exploit this fact. A broken heart takes time to heal and a day is generally not sufficient. Quote the reason of a break up and stay in bed for a extended weekend. The sympathies from the colleagues of the opposite gender comes complimentary with this new reason to bunk work.

Got locked in:niemand da1Photo Credits: locksmithparkslope.org

Who ever thought your house could double up as an excuse to bunk work? Your roommate took your pair of keys with her and now you cannot leave the house unlocked. If the question of you working from home arises, blame the low battery on your laptop and the power-cut!

Saw Veer last night:veer-131Photo Credits: www.santabanta.com

This one is sure to make your boss crack up and have a hearty laugh.  Tell him that you saw Veer last night and are dazed yet. Give him the details of the story line and also about the headache the movie’s non-existent plot has given you. I am sure he is going to be amused at the reason and approve your leave on the basis of thinking out of the box!

Blood donation:blood-donation1Photo Credits: udaipurtimes.com

There is a blood donation camp in your society and you felt the need to contribute. You are doing your bit by donating blood and I am sure the boss will have to oblige by doing his bit of excusing you from office for the day.

Going on hunger strike for a cause:Sec377-protest1Photo Credits: www.gaylaxymag.com

Every now and then the government comes out with some laws that will garner public fury. Take advantage of those days and bunk work by telling your boss that you feel strongly about the cause and have decided to join the protesters in the dharna or rally. Viola! Mission Accomplished.

Animal caring story

adoptcover1Photo Credits: www.rantlifestyle.com

If your boss is an animal lover, this reason will be easily bought by him or her. If not, they still do not have an option but to think such a caring person you are. The story – You found a wounded dog or cat on your way back home yesterday and could not help but bring the pet home and nurse him to health.

We hope you try these innovative ideas and leave a comment on whether they were a hit!