6 Reasons You Should Stop Calling CRICKET A Man’s Game!

By Tarz Rabbani

Change of perceptions work splendidly well..! Thats the case with this article. More often than not, we come across the phrase that ” Cricket Is A Gentleman’s Man “. Well this article will tell that this quote isn’t exactly true. Here’s why :

Have you seen Virat Kohli?

1Honestly I don’t need to list out 6 reasons this single reason is good enough. No girl wishes to miss out on the awesomeness of this genius of a man. Not only does he own a badass attitude but also is a swashbuckling player as well, making him drool worthy and every girl’s crush.

Eye Candy

2Our men is blue are surely taking their fitness to a next level. They manage to take two runs when there is scope for only one, and their fielding is totally on point, mostly. They look good, play good and give out some real fitness goals to the rest of the world, and some real hard core crushes for the girls.

We are better Cheerleaders!

3No, not referring to the actual cheerleaders even though they are good at their job. But just look at the girls and ladies holding posters of their favorite cricket stars and shouting slogans with all their might. They just don’t care about how sweaty and oily their face looks, all they care for is to cheer for their team and do it with all their heart.

Emotional Drama..!

4Well it is true; girls feel the ups and downs of the game with the amount of  intensity no guy can. With an outburst of tears when things aren’t going well on the ground to kisses to the television screen, every emotion is doubled and delivered without any hesitation.  The involvement in the game is unbeatable and unmatchable.


5Well, not all women like cricket, this isn’t any breaking news, and the reason they would not know the head and tail of the game. (Not all women, a few) but even if women don’t understand all the math of this sport, they will sit down and watch it and get excited and give our comments like a pro, making them adorable cricket freaks.

Patriotic Best

6Women bleed blue and how! Oozing with the overwhelming desire of watching their country win women are at their patriotic best. Dressed in blue tees with the Tri-color painted on their faces all their heat beats and a wish for during a match is to see the team shine. Biting their nails, they sit at the edge of their seats to watch their country go a step further and win by all means.


All the lady luck …with team INDIA!



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