Reasons why dad is always special to his daughter


Oka ammayi life lo amma, annayya, akka, chelli, friends and husband, ivanni chala important and chala special kuda. Kani the relationship between a daughter and her father is something special that cannot be expressed in words. Here, we are sharing the reasons, why dad is always so special in every daughter life.

1. First man in her life1daughter-loveManam puttina tarvata, father is the first man who hold us in his arms and kisses on forehead with tears of happiness. Undoubtedly, he is the first person, who loves her unconditionally and truly.

2. Unconditional Love2daughter-lovePrati relation lo konni conditions or expectations untai. But love of a father for his daughter is purely unconditional.

3. Protection3daughter-loveEvaru mana venta unna lekapoyina, he always protects us, when we are in trouble physically or mentally.

4. Life Lessons4daughter-loveHe is the best teacher in the world. Manam nadavadam deggaranundi, mana life lo struggles ela face cheyali ani manaki cheppe oke okka vyakthi, Daddy.

5. Love Respect5daughter-loveOka father daughter ni love chesinanta and respect chupinchenta, evaru chupinchaleru. That’s true.

6. First Love6daughter-lovePrati ammai life lo first love evaru antey, always her father. He is the hero. She even wants her life partner to be like her dad.

7. Never Yells7daughter-loveMana intlo amma kante nanne vala daughter ni baga garabam chestaru. Manam em cheyalana ekadiki vellalanna, ayane first choice. He never hurts us and never made us cry. Because he is our lovely dad.

8. Open Arms8daughter-loveIn any awful phase of life, daughter knows that father will embrace her with open arms. And that’s the reason a daughter loves her father.