Reasons why you should eat mint more often


Pudina (mint) health ki chala manchidi, manam regular ga tine vantalo, pudina add chesthe chala benefits untayi. Mana andhariki mint utti, refreshing element ani telsu, kaani adhe kaadu,it has far more than that.

1.Aids in DIgestion: mintMint manaki digestion lo help chestadi,In-case stomach upset unte, drink a cup of mint tea it will give you instant relief.
2.Treats nausea, and head-ache:mint Freshly crushed leaves manaki nausea inka head-ache cure avadaniki help chestayi . Mint balms, mint oils prefer cheyandi if you want to avoid nausea.
3.Prevents respiratory disorders: mintMint leaves lo unna strong aroma, mana respiratory system ki chala manchidi, mint mana throat ni cool chestadi.
4.Reduces Depression: mintMint smell chaalu to charge your body and to energize your brain, mint oka natural stimulant, oka instant and popular way of relief entante, manam night padukune mundu mana pillow meedha koncham mint oil esi padukondi, it will help your mind and body while you sleep.
5.Skin care:mint Mint lo nundi oche juice acts like an amazing skin cleanser,itchiness or allergies ki kuda mint help chestadi, it also helps in a very good way for acne.
6.Prevents memory loss: 6 Reasons to eat mint more oftenMint lo alertness, retention and cognitive function untadhi, oka survey prakaaram mint chewing gum ekva evar ayithey tintaaro, they have higher levels of memory retention.
7.Cures Cancer: 7 Reasons to eat mint more oftenMint lo unna certain enzymes, cancer ni cure cheyadam ki help chestayi.