8 reasons why you should have the early and less dinner


To keep our health on track, we need to be aware of when to eat at what time. Apart from when and what another question that is chaala important is how much. General ga breakfast koncham manchi quantity lo teeskovali which will keep our metabolism and energy levels high for the rest of the day. But, when it comes to dinner it is advised to have small quantity of it and very early.

Here is why…

1. Since we do not have any physical activity if we eat our dinner late, our metabolism decreases even further only to keep our bags of calories full!1.-Since-we-do-not-have-any-physical
2. It helps you control weight when we have an early dinner in a very limited quantity. Results inka manchiga raavali ante, a little walk after dinner cheyyali.2.-It-helps-you-control-weight
3. Dinner avvagane padkovadam valla heart burns osthayi which will only make your night really uncomfortable.3.-Dinner-avvagane-padkovadam
4. Night tinna food morning varaku sarigga aruguthe, we have some extra energy the next day.4.-Night-tinna-food-morning
5. Bloating undadu!5. Bloating undadu!
6. Since digestion is going in its best form, you will have the best sleep.6.-Since-digestion-is-going
7. Mana heart stays the healthiest.7.-Mana-heart-stays
8. Stomach pain, gas, acidity lanti problems undavu inka8.-Stomach-pain,-gas,