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8 reasons why you should not skip breakfast


It is a saying that we should have our breakfast like a king. Ante.. edi padithe adi entha padithe antha tinadam kaadu, it means we must fill our stomachs with the right type and quantity. Kani ala cheyyakunda people think it is good for us. Here is why it is bad and what happens to us if we skip our breakfast!

1. Breakfast skip chesthe, mana body ki and mana day start lo unna workload ki match avvaka there is a high chance for hitting to hypertension.
2. Every morning mana stomach lo ni food digest aipoyi.. manaki energy emi undadu and skipping breakfast will only make us weak and not healthy.
3. Till the evening, manam mana places lo busy untam. It might be schools, college or sports or office. So mana stomach lo food undaka pothe, we cannot focus.
4. There is a very high scope for strong headaches to occur if we do not take the right amount of food at the right time.
5. Breakfast skip chesthe…we tend to eat heavier meals at night and noon. Hence it is nothing but gaining weight.
6. Your metabolism has a tendency to decrease when you go to sleep. Eating breakfast helps you jumpstart your metabolism. A faster metabolism will allow you to burn more calories throughout the day.
7. When you eat a reasonable and healthy breakfast in the morning, you are actually regulating your blood sugar levels.
8. Morning time lo Manchi food tinakapothe, your mood levels also get impacted in a negative way.

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