These 12 Recent Telugu Movies Are Proof That ‘Thriller’ Genre Is New Success Mantra In TFI

2010 mundu varaku Tollywood movies ante max love stories, commercial movies leda family entertainers. Ila 3 genres ni datukuni tollywood lo 2010 taruvatha konni suspense thrillers vacchayi. And aa thrillers annitini kuda mana tollywood audience baga receive chesukovadam tho mellega thriller genre movies ki demand perigindi.

Ee madhya vacchina chala thriller movies became a hit at the box office…and it is a proof thrillers became a success mantra in T-town. Mari ila thriller success mantra ani prove aa recent movies ento once chuseddam.

1.Nenokkadine – Action-Thriller

OneFailure at the box office but ee action-thriller oka experiment ani chepocchu.

2. Drushyam – Thriller

DhrisyamMalayalam remake ainappatiki ee movie ki Victory Venkatesh-Meena yesteryear couple perfect nyayam chesaru and audience ee thriller ni baga receive chesukunnaru.

3. Karthikeya – Mystery Thriller

3 KarthikeyaThrillers ane genre lo temples, traditions and science ni include chesi tisina ee mystery thriller chinna cinema aina chala pedda hit aindi.

4. Kshanam – Mystery Thriller

KshnaAdivi Sesh lanti talented artist ki life ivvadame kakunda…Tollywood lo thriller genre movies ki high icchina movie idhe ani chepocchu.

5. Dhruva – Action-Thriller

5 DhruvaPolice and Cop..madhya mind game tho seat edge thriller la unde ee action thriller tamil remake eh aina ikkada hit aindi.

6. Goodachari – Spy Thriller

6 GoodachariKrishna gari Goodachari 116 taruvatha malli alanti cinema levu mana industry lo. Malli alanti spy thriller ante mana Adivi Sesh Goodachari 118 ane cheppali.

7. U Turn – Mystery Thriller

7 U TurnSamantha lead role chesina ee mystery thriller…kannada remake and telugu states, US lo manchi collections vacchayi.

8. Taxiwaala – Supernatural Thriller

8 Taxi WalaMovie antha leak aina ….theatre lo ee movie chusina vallu chala thrill feel aiyyaru. Idi regular thrillers la kakunda supernatural elements undadam tho oka new thriller movie chusam anna feel ni icchindi audience ki.

9. 118 – Action Thriller

9 118Love, Innocence, romance, bravery ila mix of elements tho K.V. Guhan direct chesina ee action thriller is also one the best thriller movie in recent times.

10. Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya – Detective Thriller

10 AgentMana Tollywood marchipoina detective thriller genre ni malli mana andariki Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya tho parichayam chesaru Naveen Polishetty and team. One of the best crafted detective thriller with…comedy and suspense.

11. Game Over – Psychological Thriller

11 Game OverTapsee movie ante minimum guarantee aipoyayi ee madhya. Ala last year ee heroine chesina movie lo Game over is the path breaking thriller movie for all the right reasons.

12. HIT – Mystery Thriller

12 HitFalaknuma lanti mass cinema taruvatha Viswak Sen act chesina movie HIT. Nani produce chesina ee mystery thriller ee HIT kuda Hit eh.

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