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Recollecting The Top 10 Nostalgic Cartoons From Our Childhood


Pogo programs & cartoons that we all loved so much in our childhood.

M.A.D. stands for Music, Art and Dance is an Indian educational Children’s television series produced by Miditech which aired on Pogo TV. It began in 2005 and ran for seven seasons. It is a Do it yourself show. After the success of the show, Rob has created a YouTube Channel “Mad Stuff with Rob” based on the show. Chinna pilalla nunchi peddavala varku andariki favourite program Idi. Mana ki mini summer camp la undedi MAD program pettukunte.

Takeshi’s castle:

Top 10 Nostalgic Cartoons

Is a Japanese game show that aired between 1986 and 1990, on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. Danni manaki hindi dubbing tho pogo lo telecast chesaru. Most wonderful and comic program Idi. Valu conduct chese games awesome asalu. Contestants manchi utsaham tho velli ventane borla padadam, odipovadam chala funny ga undedi. Moreover venaka voice over ichevaalu veelu padipote chese sounds chala funny ga undevi.

Just for laughs :

Mana childhood lo pranks chusthu tega navveskunevalam. Raka rakala pranks chesi last lo valaki camera chupinchi manalni matram chala navvincharu.

Mr Bean:

This program is created and acted by Rowan Atkinson. Every one’s most favourite Mr. Bean and his funny deeds. Ayana, tana bomma and tana car. Prathi episode adurs. Animated kuda ochindi tarvata but Atkinson expressions and innocence tho baga navvincharu.


Best and funniest cartoon idi. penguin families living and working in igloos The main character, Pingu, belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister, Pinga, and often gets into mischief with his best friend, Robby the Seal. Inka akkada mana chitti chitti penguins allari aatalu vala basha bhale baguntay. Ipatiki kuda bore kottadu.

Bob the builder:

Bob oka building contractor, bob colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends veelantha oka gang. Valandartho work-vehicles and equipment veskuni busy ga untuntadu bob.

Make way for Noddy:

Bujji Noddy bulli car lo oorantha tiruguthu untadu. Iddaru dongalu ooru ki chedu chesthunte mana bujji noddy hero veshalesthuntadu.

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