We Bet You Didn’t Know These Unique Records Of King Nagarjuna

We Bet You Didn’t Know These Unique Records Of King Nagarjuna

First Telugu hero to deliver a blockbuster in Tamilnadu, that too with a dubbing film, the first Telugu hero to score a blockbuster in Bollywood, and the first Telugu hero who reached Pan India before the term Pan India came into existence.

I am taking about the King. Akkineni Nagarjuna, ee Gen Z ki aa naati heroes records teliyali, lekunte vaallu chusinde records uu anukuntunaaru, aa rojullo ey hero takkuva kaadu, andaru thopu le, evari kottalsina records vaallu kottaru… The thing is andaru thopu le, at the end, it all comes down to the right movie.

Today, let’s take a look at the unique records of King Nag

1. Nagarjuna is the only Hero to have a 100 Days Film in each and every year of his first 22 years since his Debut i.e From 1986-2008 …

2. With Siva, Nagarjuna is the first hero to collect One Crore in the Nizam area.

3. Nagarjuna’s Siva was the first Telugu movie to collect more than 1 crore in Tamilnadu and Nagarjuna became the first Telugu actor to be popular in Tamilnadu.

4. First Telugu hero, to deliver a super hit in Bollywood. He remade Siva as Shiva in Hindi with RGV.

5. Nagarjuna, was the first Telugu hero to collect a 3 Crore share in Nizam, with Ninne Pelladutha

6. Nagarjuna’s Ninne Pelladata was the first Telugu film to run for 175 days at Devi 70mm and Raj 70mm.

7. Amitabh’s Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978) created a record by running for 100 days in three theatres (daily three shows) in the twin cities. That record remained for 18 years until Nagarjuna’s ‘Ninne Pelladatha’ broke it in 1997 as it celebrated a 100-day run in three theatres in the twin cities-Devi 70mm, Nataraj 70mm, and Konark 70mm, but with daily 4 shows.

8. Nagarjuna had created an unbeatable record of two silver jubilee movies at Devi 70MM A/C. These films are Annamaiah and Ninnepelladatha. Nagarjuna is also having another record of having 4 movies go on housefuls for 50 days. These are Hello Brother, Geetanjali, Shiva, and Ninne Pelladatha.

9. Nagarjuna is the first among senior heroes to collect a 10 Crore share in the Nizam region, with the movie Manam.

10. His performance in Annamayya received a National Film Award – Special Mention (Actor) at the 45th National Film Awards in 1998.

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