Some Unbelievable Records Of Superstar Krishna’s Magnum Opus ‘Simhasanam’

James Bond film – Gudhachari 116, Cowboy film – Mosagallaku Mosagadu, Cinema scope movie – Alluri Seetharamaraju, aa rojullone ilanti trendsetting and Telugu cinema range ni next level ki teesukuvellina one and only superstar mana Krishna garu. Aina filmography motham daring & dashing decisions tho nindina oka adventure. Ivala manam telsukoboye cinema “Bahubali Of The 80’s” – Simhasanam movie gurinchi..

1) Superstar Ka Debut

Simhasanam movie was the directorial debut of Superstar Krishna Garu.

1 Simhasanam2) Director + Producer + Story + Screenplay + Editor

Krishna garu not only directed and produced the film but also provided the story and screenplay of the film. He was also the editor of the film.

2 Simhasanam3) First Of Its Kind

The film was the first 70 mm 4 track Stereophonic sound movie in Telugu cinema.

3 Simhasanam4) Theatres Were Upgraded

To match up to the technology of 70MM, Stereophonic Six track stereophonic sound of Simhasanam. Theaters in the state of Andhra Pradesh were upgraded to screen the film during its release.

4 Simhasanam5) Hindi Language Too

The film was simultaneously made in Hindi as ‘Singhasan.’

5 Simhasanam6) Gabbar Singh

This movie marked the Telugu debut of Amzad Khan, the Gabbar Singh of Sholay.

6 Simhasanam7) ‘Aakasam lo oka thara’, – ‘Wah wa nee yavvanam’

Telugu debut of Music Director Bappi Lahari, music of Simhasanam is still a sensation today. Even now we can hear songs like ‘Aakasam lo oka thara’, ‘Wah wa nee yavvanam.’

7 Simhasanam8) All Time Record

This was the first Telugu film to collect more than 1.5 crores in its first week run.

8 Simhasanam9) Records Are Meant To Be Broken…

This movie surpassed another record of highest gross collection in single theatre in the state in Hyderabad (Previous record by “Premabhishekam” in 1981 in Vijayawada).

9 Simhasanam10) Marvellous Run

In Vizag Chitralaya it completed 100 days with houseful collections. Simhasanam had continues house full run up to 53 days in Vijayawada’s biggest theater Raj in those days. In Hyderabad’s Devi theater it had a 105 days run with four shows. It eventually went on to complete 50 days in 16 Centers and 100 plus days in 6 centers.

10 Simhasanam11) Man Of The Massses

100 days of the film was celebrated in Chennai. It was flooded with crowds like never seen before. Krishna fans attended the function in nearly 400 buses making it the talk of the town back then.

1 Simhasanam

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