‘Form Is Temporary Class Is Permanent’: These 8 Records Of Virat Kohli In Present T20 WC Proves That

Em adutunnado ento ra babu assala ravadam duck out or single digit ki out avvadam vellipovadam. It’s time to retire for Virat Kohli, better to quit cricket, choker ani ila Virat Bad Form meedha chala negativity occhindi before the T20 World Cup. Almost 2+ years of  worst form lo unna Virat Kohli meedha full of negativity and backlash occhindi.

Aithe ee trolls, backlash, negativity ni mottham tisukunna Virat Kohli vatini stepping stones ga marchukuni present T20 World Cup lo milestones ni set chestunnadu. Yes, The G.O.A.T Virat Kohli is back in style….with 3+ fifties he is winning matches for Indian Side in present T20 World Cup.

Here Are Records Of Virat Kohli In Present T20 WC that prove ‘Form Is Temporary Class Is Permanent’

1. King Gives Back It In A Style – Kohli is the Leading Run getter with 220 Runs in the present T20 WC after the bad form in his life

2. 2nd cricketer to score 1000+ runs in T20 World Cups after Mahela Jayawardene (1016 Runs)

3. Kohli with 1065 runs beats Mahela Jayawardene with 1016 runs. Kohli is now the leading run-scorer in T20 World Cups

4. The best average in T20 World Cups – Kohli has the best average (88.75) among batters playing over 10 innings in T20 World Cups

5. Phenomenal Average of 518 in 9 successful run-chases for India in T20 World Cups over the years

6. King size average – with three 50+ scores in the present T20 WC Virat Kohli holds the beast average of 220

7. King Of Death Overs – Kohli registered a never-before strike rate of 199.03 in death overs (17-20) in the present T20 World Cup

8. Highest Fifties in T20 World Cups – Kohli scored 13 Fifties in 23 innings

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