Reel KGF Vs Real KGF: Some Interesting Facts About The Kolar Gold Fields

K.G.F Or KGF AKA Kolar Gold Fields anedi oka gold mining place which is located about 30 Kms from Kolar and 100 kms from Bangalore. Ee KGF gold mines gurinchi different stories vintu perigina director Prashanth Neel deeni chuttu oka Gold Underworld story rayalani anukunnadu. Ugram movie time lone ee thought occhina chala research chesi K.G.F ane real life story ki oka fictional World create chesadu. Ala 80 crores (which is biggest in Sandalwood Cinema History) of amount invest chesi Kannada actor Yash ni hero ga petti KGF cinema start chesaru.

Cut chesthe K.G.F Chapter 1 Kannada lone kadu South states and PAN-India wide monstrous hit aindi. World Wide 250 Crores gross collect chesi All time Biggest Kannada Blockbuster record set chesindi. And ippudu ee movie ki sequel version KGF Chapter 2 kuda rabotundi. Sare idi ila unte assala On Screen meedha unna KGF ki and real life KGF story ki emaina connections unnaya? Leva anedi teliyali ante ee facts chadavalsindhe.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About The Kolar Gold Fields AKA K.G.F

1. Prashanth Neel’s Monstrous Hit KGF Movie Is Highly Inspired and Based On Real Life Kolar Gold Fields AKA K.G.F, Known for gold mines during British rule.

2. But K.G.F Story Is a Highly Fictionalized Movie and We Would Like To Tell You The Actual Story Of Real Life K.G.F and some unknown facts about the great Kolar Gold Fields.

3. In 1871, Britisher Lavelle made a 60-mile bullock cart trip to Kolar. During his investigation, he identified several potential locations for mining and gold deposits In Kolar.

4. Gold mining in KGF became active by 1880 and Britishers produced 27 tonnes of gold by 1905. The Kolar gold mines were nationalized in 1956 and provided a total of over 900 tonnes of gold.

5. Britisher John Taylor III acquired several mines in K.G.F. in 1880, and his firm (John Taylor & Sons) operated them until 1956. K.G.F is One of the oldest and the deepest gold mines on Earth at a depth of 3000 meters.

6. Britishers set up India’s first power plant KGF to ease the mining and provided 24/7 uninterrupted electricity in Kolar Gold Fields in those times.

7. The British called Kolar “Little England” because of its temperate weather and a landscape similar to Britain. Silicosis was first identified in KGF, a form of pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of crystalline silica dust.

8. To develop infrastructure, roads, etc, Nehru Pledged KGF to the World Bank as security for loans after Independence.

9. Mining In KGF was closed by the Indian government on 28th February 2001 due to environmental & economic reasons; food, water, and shelter were scarce, and production did not justify the investment.

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