How ‘Real College’ Differs From The ‘Reel College’ You Imagine


What would you do when you catch up with your college friends?

Without fail, one in three responses will be – “We would go for a movie???. Movies bring in a lot of imagination and day-dreams of having a filmy college lifestyle. But, when you enter your college gate on the first day, there is this bitter feeling that it is actually not what you dreamt it was.

‘Yeah, it has its own fun being that way!’ – Agreed. But, the Real College differs quite a lot when compared to the Reel College. How? Read on to find out!

You are not the Hero of the College on first day.


You are just another addition to the campus population. That’s the maximum you can do on first day.

Which obviously means you don’t get to sing an Introduction song.


So, you are still lagging behind. Buck up!

The Principal hardly knows you exist.


In films, the Principals are always sorting out issues with the hero. In reality, the Principal doesn’t even know that you exist. If he does, God save you! And NO – you are not going to get his daughter.

You want to impress a girl. But, there are no villains to beat up.4 - Happy Days

You realize there are no evil people on campus – those bearded, gold-chain wearing hooligans. Even if you do beat up somebody, remember you and your girlfriend will be their target. There is no climax.

The prettiest girl/most handsome guy is never your girlfriend/boyfriend.5 - Mahesh babu

Well, it’s the truth. Satymeva Jayate, bro!

‘If you tease a girl, thinking she will fall for you’ – YOU ARE WRONG!!6 - Naga Chaitanaya

In films, you could sing a song teasing a girl on campus. In reality, she could go to an extent of beating the shit out of you. And she’ll do it in public, reducing you once and for all to the status of a porcupine on an F1 track.

These are the ways colleges in films are different from colleges in real life. Did you ever have an incident when something filmy happened in your college?

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