10 Relatable Tippalu Of Every Girl Who Loves To Wear Make Up

Chaala mandhiki makeup ante inkoarini impress cheyyadam kosam ani anukuntaaru, kaani ammayilu most of the time wear makeup for themselves. Ala makeup chesukune vaallu common ga relate aye konni common scenarios mee kosam ee article lo…

1. No money is more money to buy makeup. Entha konna takkuve…

1.Girls Makeup problems

2. Konni saarlu anukunnadhi okatti, ayyedhi okkati. When you buy a expensive makeup only to realize that it is not matching your shade. Aa baadha antha intha kaadu…

3.Girls Makeup problems

3. And then mana friends untaaru, endhuku intha makeup kontunnav ani adugutaaru….

4.Girls Makeup problems

4. Makeup tutorials…

5.Girls Makeup problemsAla ela perfect ga chestaaro makeup tutorials lo.. daani chusi manam as it is ga follow ayyina kuda manaki matram ala raadhu..

5. Getting the perfect wing on both sides is a lie.

6.Girls Makeup problems

6. Is it just us, or meekuda mee eyebrows rendu entha shape chesina unequal ga untaaya?

7.Girls Makeup problems

7. And then chaala sarlu try chesaaka, we finally get that perfect wing…

8.Girls Makeup problemsAlaanti time lo kallalo edyna padithe maatram….. aa kastham evariki raakudadu..

8. And then people ask us to get ready quickly… Vaallakem telsu that we just need to apply foundation, concealer, primer, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, bronze, highlighter, blush ..

9.Girls Makeup problems

9. Makeup perfect unnappudu, selfies teesukovadam is mandatory kadaaa…….

10.Girls Makeup problems

10. Coconut oil is our best friend. Makeup remove cheyyalanna, excess makeup wipe cheyyalanna, coconut oil always comes handy to us.

11.Girls Makeup problemsLet us know in the comments section about your experiences with makeup.

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