8 Things You Relate To If You Are The Only Girl In Your Gang


If you act like the bro in your gang and none of your friends care about the messy look of you, then this one is for you. When hanging out with your boys gang, you totally forget that you are a girl. If you are the only girl in your gang, here are 8 things you’ll relate to.

1. You understand all the boys code words. Boys usually have some secret language, especially regarding girls. You understand each and everything.1.-You-understand

2. You are expected to be excited about watching cricket matches and also know all the stats.2.-You-are-expected

3. Your friends consider you as a boy but never as a girl.3.-Your-friends

4. There is very small place for emotions. No more emotional dramas in your life.4.-There-is-very-small

5. You are like love guru for them. From shopping to tips to impress a girl, you are called over for help.5.-You-are-like-love-guru-for-them

6. People assume that you are dating one among them.6.-People-assume-that-y

7. They are super protective. If you like someone, get ready to have him inspected by all of them.7-They-are-super-protective.

8. You won’t bother abour burps and farts.8-Trisha-in-bujjigadu