8 things you will relate to if you have a younger brother


It is true that sometimes, young brothers are such a curse in their toddler ages. Manam okokasari baga hate chestam vallani, but kani vallanta manaki chala istam. They are your best friends, and you treat them like your children. Well, here is the list of 10 things, you will relate to if you have a younger brother:

1. Manam dachukuna toys ani vallu pagalakottestaru and mom emo manalni antaru, nv jagrata unchukoledani.1younger-brother

2. Idi chala irritate chese vishayam andi. Prathidaniki maname adjust avvali endukante, he is an innocent little baby. Grr!2younger-brother

3. Prapancham lo me brother ni hate chesedi chinapudu merokalle. Truste me! We all been in that situation. It’s like a first child syndrome.3younger-brother

4. But once he grows up, vallu love chesinatu no one can love us.4younger-brother

5. Manaki e problem vachina they will always be in our back for us.5_1younger-brother

6. Manaki telisinapudu mana little brother gurinchi, parents ki kuda teledu, endukante we listen to all the nonsense he says about sports, classes, his friends, and what not.5younger-brother

7. He is our partner in crime. Asalu parents lenapudu friends to house party degara nundi bunk kotti movies kelledaka, we both are brilliant in plotting plans against parents.6younger-brother

8. Anitillo best thing entante, our younger brother tanem techukuna adi manaki kuda testadi and manam kuda ante anukondi. Who doesn’t love their little brother ya?7younger-brother