Relationships Beginning Vs One year


Well, we all know that relationships are all about excitement in the beginning. Every minute you spend time with him, you feel like heaven. But after a number of dates, after few months, after the very first fights and after getting to know each other pretty much, things tend to change. Infact you got to know about your partner more after a certain period of timr and you worked hard to maintain the relationship. Here, we are the behavioural​ changes that all of us go through in our lives.

# Texting1Relationships-BeginningBeginning: From morning to evening, you love to text with our partner. You share everything.

After One year: You text just to decide the food plans.

# Looks2Relationships-BeginningBeginning: You do care about dress, makeup and every small detail and always wants to look perfect.

After One Year: Well, you give importance to our PJs and no make up. You feel it is more comfortable in them than in skirts.

# Comfortableness3Relationships-BeginningBeginning: You try desperately to pretend you never fart, poo, or have any bodily functions at all.

After One Year: Farting infront of each other and making fun of it.

# Knowing each other4Relationships-BeginningBeginning: You get a thrill out of sharing and discovering new things about each other, and getting to really understand a new person.

After one year: You know everything there possibly is to know about each other, and your new discoveries are made together.

# Gifts5Relationships-BeginningBeginning: You spend lots of time and money making really personal presents or buying expensive gifts.

After One Year: You just tell them what you want – or combine presents and go on holiday together instead.

# Decency while eating food6Relationships-BeginningBeginning: You maintain some decency while eating food

After one year: Frankly, you no more care about anything but food and sometimes you steal his food also.