Relive The 90’s With This Super Adorable Super Mario Mash Up And It’s Coming To MineCraft..!!

Mario’s joining Minecraft this month, if that’s the sort of videogame crossover you’ve been hoping for all these years. The Wii U version of Microsoft’s blocky billion-dollar game was released as a download last year, with the promise that a disc-based version and some Nintendo crossovers were in the cards for a later date.

That date is near: Nintendo announced this morning that the “Super Mario Mash-Up Pack” will be released on May 17 as a free update for owners of the Wii U version of the game. A month later, on June 17, a $30 retail version of Minecraft will ship for Wii U, including the Mario content on the disc.

Besides letting you skin your Minecraft characters with Mario, Princess Peach, the Koopa Kids et al., the Mario pack will re-skin all of the game’s textures and items and add musical tracks fromSuper Mario 64, letting you create a seamless Mario-themedMinecraft experience.

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